One of our clients solved game console accessories and wanted to release a new product which allowed customers build their own custom controller. They would be able to select the colours of each element of the controller and the more customisation they made the higher the price. They would also be able to see a preview of what their controller looked like before going through the checkout.

We achieved this using a mixture of heavy JS (on block colours) and perfectly cut images. We positioned every single option correctly so when a customer picked a colour we could display it in the correct place. We also assigned a price against each option selected so the more the customer customises the more the merchant could charge.

The customizer is fully responsive, and completely bespoke for our client. We used Shopify linklists (within navigation) to allow the customer to add new colours to their offering and manage everything from there. This is a great example of how to bend Shopify and use it's existing features to achieve the objective of the brief.

Get in touch for more details if you've got something similar in mind for your store