Our client wanted to offer their customers the ability to buy products for a £1 and trial them before they decided to keep them. So for example a customer can buy 3 clothing items for £3 and send back what doesn't fit. The merchant can then charge them for what they decided to keep.

The merchant can capture payment within 30 days depending on what the customer decides they want to keep! This however only works with specialist payment gateways so you need to check the terms of each gateway and ensure it's right for your business. We found a suitable gateway, which integrated with Shopify so this worked really well for our client.

We also built the home try on section on the store from scratch with a custom cart flyout to ensure a great experience for the customer. Finally we had to manipulate the Shopify checkout.liquid (Shopify Plus customer) to remove the totals and only display the £1 prices per item. The merchant had to list products at full price so the payment gateway knew how much to take from each item if the customer kept them.