In April we noticed there wasn't any apps that created a HTML Sitemap page for Shopify merchants.

This is a really simple feature for a store and can really help with navigating around a large inventory store and also add an extra SEO boost! We take the XML feed of the app store (provided by Shopify) and build a page from that. From there we grouped links based on the URL (products, collections, pages, blogs).

We can generate the URL and kept things nice and simple and placed it on /tools/sitemap. We provided the ability to define the order of the categories and also restrict the amount of products on display when the page first loads. This ensures stores with 1000s of products have the option to just show the first 100 and get the page loaded faster.

We provide a link to load the remainder. We have also added some simple tips to show users how to submit their XML sitemap to Google Console so Google can crawl the site. So all in all a very low cost and effect SEO tool for any Shopify site :)