We've recently built an integration between Close Brothers finance and Shopify. This gave our client the ability to offer finance solution to customers straight from their Shopify site.

We take the live rates from the prearranged deal with Close Brothers for our client and firstly produce a finance example chart based on product price, length of the terms and deposit amount. This gives the customer the opportunity to see what they deal they will get if approved.

Once the customers opts for a finance deal, they are taken off site onto a Close Brothers system where they fill in the application forms, are credit checked and approved or declined. Once they complete the application we send them back to Shopify. If they are approved they hit the thank you page, we then create the order in Shopify and decrement the stock of that product. This ensures that the stock and reports on Shopify are always accurate and correct.

If they are declined we send them back to the homepage.

This is the first Shopify finance solution in the UK, for more information or to get your store setup feel free to get in touch!