One of our clients is using the app Ship Station to fulfil all their orders and wanted to setup a second store. However, they didn't want to setup separate ship station accounts so we had the idea of firing orders from their second store back into the main store so everything is fulfilled and managed within one Shopify site.

We built an app which did just this... firstly we had to link the stores together via the app and identify which one is the 'parent' and which one is the 'child'. Then when someone ordered on the child site we had to take that order and move it in real time to the parent site, where it could go through ShipStation as normal and be fulfilled.

There were a couple of considerations to consider:

language - the child store had to be translated into arabic so this means the Shopify notifications did as well. However, the shipping confirmation had to come from the parent store (english), so we had to setup a second shipping notification from Shopify within the code which identified what store the order has come from and sent the correctly translated shipping notification.

Order numbers - we also had to ensure that the order number from the child must follow the sequence in the parent store

Reporting - finally we needed all the orders and sales to appear correctly in Shopify orders so reporting could be accurate.

- Wild card a potential third store - (which is now active) we needed to build the app in a way that allowed the ability to add additional stores so the parent could have more children!

We're really proud of this app and it works very well. We've handled thousands of orders since launch so we know it's coping really well with lots of traffic.