One of our clients who buys and sells luxury designer label products from around the world, came to use to streamline this process. They buy luxury designer label products from around the world and sell them on to new owners. They needed an app to handle this flow as prior to coming to us everything was done manually through email.

We were tasked with building a bespoke app which allowed customers to upload the images and details of the designer product they want to sell. The merchant could review their submission and open up negotiations through the app. The customer could accept, decline and negotiate that offer within the app until they came to an agreement. Once an agreement was formed, we fire over contracts to be signed and finally produce a prepaid shipping label that allows the customer to send the item to the merchant for final inspection. The merchant could then sign off once it passes through inspection and the customer will be paid.

Using the Fedex API we were able to build a custom app for a client who wanted to streamline some of their internal processes.

The app has been developed to allow customers submit their items that they would like to sell to the store owner, who then sells them on. The customers are able to upload all the details and then monitor the progress of their submission, from accepting a quote to generating a prepaid Fedex delivery label. This allows them to send their item to the store owner, with a bank transfer going in the other direction.

The client were able to manage all their customer bought goods from one interface and ensure all quotes were dealt with accordingly. They are able to send messages to the customers through the app, make offers for their products, reject an item and much more.

This app has made their lives a lot easier as everything is managed in one place and all the consignment contracts are automatically produced leaving them to focus on more important things!