Creating an online store that will hold all your products on an attractive and easy-to-navigate platform can seem like a daunting task. That’s why our team at Leumas Digital have developed a Shopify setup package that will get you up and running quickly.

Shopify is a leading platform your e-commerce sites because it is good looking, customisable to your every need and is easy to use. Our team of experts at Leumas Digital will take your idea to create a Shopify site and turn it into reality in under 24 hours. What are the results of the application of our Shopify setup package?

Getting you started on the road to selling your goods and products features a wide range of elements, such as: introducing a theme for your Shopify site based on your products, activating your account to give you access to make changes, the setup of Google Analytics to work in sync with your site and the installation of free apps that you desire.

The package costs just £400 and will leave you with a fully-functioning Shopify website that you can change yourself. Nonetheless, if you want to call upon our team for custom development then we can do this for you. To discover more about our Shopify setup package and how it can help you, speak to our team.