The chances are that you’ve found yourself on a Shopify site, your competitors are using Shopify and you’re hitting a ceiling with your current website provider. Luckily, the migration from your current platform to a Shopify site is not as difficult as you may think.

At Leumas Digital, our team of experts work hard to provide you with a seamless and professional Shopify setup package that will construct the barebones in just 24 hours. Our speedy and efficient service is trusted to give you a platform to easily chop and change everything about your e-commerce site.

We understand that budgets are incredibly tight, especially if you’re just starting out in business, so you won’t want to see your money going to waste. Our Shopify setup package costs just £400 plus VAT and will give you something to work with almost instantly. Over just one day our team of Shopify experts have the ability to change the future outlook of your e-commerce site.

Shopify sites are prevalent across the web for so many reasons. The simple interface allows you to change anything from the theme, colouring, the organisation of products and the navigation of your site.

To migrate your old site into a brand-new Shopify site that will improve the look and feel of your business, speak to our experts.