The factors impacting on any customer’s decision to purchase goods online are vast. A faulty link, a slow server connection, blurry images or an unorganised layout. We believe, at Leumas Digital, that to make your website stand out from the rest, it must have the strongest foundations possible.


Our task at Leumas Digital is to provide you with a quick and easy Shopify store setup that will increase both your opportunities and your chance of converting visitors into customers. In just 24 hours, our team of Shopify experts will create the basis and foundation for everything your e-commerce site needs to be.

We will complete a list of jobs that will ensure your e-commerce site is ready for selling and accelerating your business. When a visitor lands on your site, you have precious time to make it worth their while. This is true from the moment they browse your products, when they add a product to the cart and the ease of the payment process; any hitch in this and you could lose a potential sale.

With our Shopify store setup at Leumas Digital we will ensure that everything in the background is organised, built and ready to be customised how you wish.

Discuss your options with our team of experience Shopify developers by getting in contact with us