Our first app is live!

We recently noticed on Shopify is there nothing which allows you to auto tag customers based on their actions. And we thought this would be pretty useful for those who want to segment their customers into groups, control access levels with member tags or highlight specific customers.

Tags are great because they are a very simple way of categorising and managing customers. They can be used in such a wide variety of ways on Shopify, so creating an automatic flow on shopify makes a lot of things more possible. We thought that an app that allowed you to specify a customer tag based on a particular product bought would be a great help to many store owners.

For example if you are clothing store and you wanted to tag all customers buying small items with the tag ‘small’ you know in future you have a segment of audience you can speak with when you have excess stock in that size, making it easy for you to market to them – that’s just one of many different uses the app has. We wanted to make it readily available to all store owners so kept the cost right down low!

Since launch we've processed millions of tag requests through our app and continue to do so every day! We're constantly adding new features and making it better and faster so feel free to take a look at it here: https://apps.shopify.com/customertagger