There are so many fantastic Shopify templates available to store owners on the theme store, however sometimes a business owner has a vision for their store and its so unique that no theme will do.

Recently we build a custom website, with over 10 template pages to ensure the the finished website matched exactly the same as the PDF designs. However, that’s the easy part. The challenge is ensuring that although all the pages are custom built to specification, we still needed to make sure we gave our client as much flexibility as possible and allow them to change content when they liked.

So we created each editable page content within the ‘Customise Theme’ section of the CMS. This allows the client to upload new content, links and images to each page – without worrying about messing the page up.

By doing things this way they had the flexibility to add and remove sections from templates and even the ability to create a duplicate of that template (for a new page) then add and adjust the sections within that template.