When it comes to buying wallpaper, the easy bit is picking the colour and style you want. However, the tricky bit comes when you have to decide how many rolls you need to fill the room. You don’t want to have to make two transactions or have excess left over.

We created a clever, custom calculator that allowed the customer to specify the size dimensions of the room in question, minus the size dimensions of windows and doors to give them the correct amount of rolls they need – this then automatically updated the quantity making it nice and simple for the customer to checkout.

The piece behind the scenes which makes this one quite clever is that each roll had slightly different dimensions so in theory each calculator had to be completely unique to each roll and product page it sat on. We used a tagging system which allowed the client to enter the width & length of each product as tags. The calculator then used these tags to work out the amount of rolls needed based on the product selected.

Making it easy as possible for customers to checkout is exactly the sort of thing which boosts conversions rates, so consider your buying process and see where you could make their lives easier.

Better yet, give us a shout and maybe we can cast an eye over things!