As we mentioned before we love a good Facebook advert, and what’s better and more effective is a fully integrated digital ads campaign that incorporates Twitter, LinkedIn & Google adwords to aggressively promote and target our audience.

Our client is hosting an event in September and wanted to make sure all the tickets sold out and sponsors would be signing up to sponsor the event. Basically the more people and the more high profile people who attend the event the more sponsors will want their brand to be there.

Firstly we considered the guest speakers and how we could use their network of followers to encourage them to come along to the event. We conducted some research and found all of their twitter profiles. We decided to promote the fact that the particular person was speaking at this event.

We wanted to make the ads as relevant as possible so we used unique creative for each speaker and had a separate ad targeting the followers of our speaker with an ad saying XXX is speaking at___ come along… etc.

Due to the low reach the cost per click are extremely low even though we were speaking directly with our target audience.

For LinkedIn we took the approach of splitting ads based on seniority and also the groups they follow. The event was split into 3 topics so we could match certain groups to the topics and promote that strand of the event to that audience. We could also split these again to focus on very senior people and also more entry level people, so we could get a good balance of attendees.

Finally, we researched similar and competing events around the same time and created some basic display and PPC ads targeting the keywords of these events. Again a very low search volume so cost per click was low however capturing a very targeted audience.

Again we saw fantastic results on this one with 3 new sponsor enquires within the first week of setting all the ads live. Still plenty of time to go on these but the uptake has been fantastic so far!